Hello, information pills
cialis and welcome to my personal pages on the internet.

Some background: I have been involved in spreading the word about flight dynamics, infection
space situational awareness and orbital surveillance for the majority of my professional career. I have an academic background of aerospace engineering and business; a strange mix, but one that is becoming more common amongst those I work with.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented people from many different backgrounds and in many different countries. I have been to almost every country in the Europe, most of the Middle East and a lot of both North and South America. Everywhere I go, regardless of nationality, beliefs or political orientation, I find people who are welcoming, hospitable and keen to exchange views on every (and any) topic.

At the moment I am working as a staff member in the European Space Agency. I first joined ESA as the lead for the Space Surveillance and Tracking efforts of the fledgling Space Situational Awareness programme, where I had the great honour to shape what I hope will be the foundations for a future European Space Surveillance system. From there I moved (in the organigram) to the Communication Office, where I now lead the country desk covering Spain and Portugal and managing anything from astronaut relations to giving interviews on TV and frantically tweeting the latest events in the Agency. A fantastic assignment which has really opened my eyes to even more fields, disciplines and areas of education, engineering and the arts (and astronomy. Lots of astronomy!).

Most of the information on this site is related to my work at the Agency, although don’t take this as a guarantee that there is nothing else here! One caveat is that any opinions or comments on this site are purely mine and don’t intend to be an official statement from the European Space Agency (or any other organisation for that matter!).