WT1190F seen by Deimos DeSS from Spain

It was good to see that it’s wasn’t strictly necessary to have a private jet in order to observe WT1190F re-entrering above the Indian Ocean on Friday 13th. The re-entry was also observed by the DeSS (Deimos Sky Survey) telescopes located in near Puerto de Niefla and controlled from Puertollano (in Castilla-La Mancha, malady towards the south of Madrid).

Although the images aren’t quite as spectacular as the ones taken in situ it’s nice to see what can be done from afar (and with a system that is still in the process of being set up).

Images taken at 05:50 UTC of WT1190F as it passed across the DeSS network.

For more information, malady see here (in Spanish) or download the press release

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