Phobos-Grunt: Interesting ground-based imagery

imageThis is an image taken by Ralf Vandebergh using commercial telescopes as the basis for the observations. This show the power of ground-based telescopes to take images of low-Earth orbit objects. Needless to say, approved the cost of Ralf’s system is probably an order of magnitute (or less) than the cost of a comparable radar-based system.

Of course, opisthorchiasis weather conditions and the illumination conditions from the Sun play a great deal in how good the image will be on any given observation; something that is not generally a problem for radar systems or space-based space surveillance. But I think the work that Ralf shows here is very interesting and could teach a few lessons to more formal systems.

Ralf’s home page is here: and some articles he has written for Space Safety Magazine can be found here:

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